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16th October 2016

497 Great Western Road
G12 8HL


This weeks breakfast takes place just down the road at Cottonrake Bakery: serving fresh cakes with an obsessive attention to detail and some of the most satisfying sandwiches I have ever laid eyes on. They perfectly blend classic British Baking with French Patisserie and never fails to draw me in on my route to university.


The Rise of Rose Gold

To begin this series I have chosen to share my thoughts regarding something that is almost unavoidable at the moment. If the past year or so within the area of consumer products could be summed up with one phrase, it would be ‘That Rose Gold one is nice’. My motivation to write this piece is not to diminish Rose Gold as a colour or suggest that there is anything wrong with it's appearance but simply the way in which it has been excessively applied to so many products in our lives.

The connotations associated with Rose Gold initially present themselves as positive aspects: Pantone describes Rose Gold as an expression of peacefulness, warmth and compassion (is it the case that with our nature as humans to crave these things that makes this colour so desirable?) With this in mind , could Rose Gold be another contributor to the idea that Steve Jobs believed in so strongly with the original Mackintosh: that consumer products need to be more approachable and remove people’s fear of them? Although I highly doubt this is Apple’s reasoning behind the Pink additions in its current range.

Rose Gold has also been used delicately throughout history by jewellers due to it’s ability to complement a multitude of skin tones and pair well with a variety of precious stones: perfectly adequate reasons for it’s application.

Unfortunately Rose Gold is no longer appreciated for what it represents as a colour but instead has become something fashionable. This isn’t the full story though as many things become fashionable and we accept this as our society changes over time. It is the way that numerous brands have needlessly introduced this colour into their line-up that I feel constitutes bad design. Shown below are a variety of products that I think display a blatant plastering of Rose Gold to promote consumerism and fit in with trends.

The thing that strikes me most about these products is the way in which the Rose Gold appears to look uncomfortable. In many cases we can imagine an object that has an almost archetypical appearance and then see that what ever metal should be there, has clearly been exchanged with Rose Gold.

So to conclude, there is nothing wrong with thinking that Rose Gold is good but believing that a product is good because it is Rose Gold is really something that I feel people need to give a little more thought to.

Just as a final note. Please Apple, do not fulfil this persons dream of Rose Gold computing.



On a more positive note, business as usual at Cottonrake as they didn’t fail to brighten up a rainy Sunday morning in Glasgow.

On this visit I went for my usual Pain au Chocolat, but after multiple recommendations, accompanied it with a Pork and Black Pudding Sausage Roll, that did not disappoint. For fans of hot chocolate I sampled Cottonrake's for the first time. Definitely one of the thicker variety; more along the lines of melted chocolate in a mug, but rest assured it will be more than sufficient for warming your insides on a cold autumn morning.

Safe to say this will definitely not be the last trip I make to my local.


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