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Café Gandolfi

4th March 2017

64 Albion Street
G1 1NY


I decided not to write a blog post this week, partly because of the unexpected events throughout the week and also to celebrate a work free weekend for my birthday.


Birthday Breakfast

Being my birthday, I felt it was justified to choose a slightly more indulgent venue. Café Gandolfi - located in the Merchant City area of Glasgow - pulls together a Scottish/Italian fusion of foods with a stylistic rustic interior. Turning up mid morning, finding the café bustling with people it was evident that this would be no run of the day breakfast.

Smooth Italian coffee alongside freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice to begin the breakfast set the tone nicely. The Hebridean Eggs were my choice for the main event and I was lucky enough to sample some french toast as well. What I loved about the food at Café Gandolfi was its simplicity and the fact that all the little things were done just right.

Providing an absolutely wonderful start to my birthday and continuing the ever increasing standard of breakfasts throughout 2017, Gandolfi has definitely lived up to the reviews and it has now gained another supporter within the competitive café contest.


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