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Bristol Architecture

Latest | 7th May '17

I explore some of Bristol's architectural wonders and rediscover my love for the aesthetics of a new city.

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Why Helvetica?

I share my thoughts about Helvetica. Not necessarily to say that it is the perfect font, but that it is the perfect font for my personal use.

Reflecting on Design

I look back over this years posts and reflect upon what I’ve learnt and how my views on design have developed.

Native, Nature & A Natural Designer

A surprise 24 hour design challenge gives me the chance to look at how I can translate the design process into different situations.


Design In, Ease of Use Out

Looking at examples in the world that display how a strong and considered design process translates into a more satisfying user experience.

Birthday Breakfast

A week off from the design blog to celebrate my birthday, but I still manage to experience a new breakfast venue in Glasgow.

Designing the Life Hack

Asking the question, ‘Is designing products to replace life hacks an unnecessary design excursion?’


Getting Punkt.

Looking at the design philosophy behind the Punkt. MP01 and carrying out a digital detox to test its practicality in the real world.

Simple Safety

After having time to test my new bike lights, I look at their design and what it is that makes them so intuitive to use.

Considered Luxury

Picking away at the different elements of Volvo’s new luxury design language I discover that they have found the balance between style and Scandinavian sophistication.


A Digital Dilemma

As we move into a digital age I look at the dilemma I find myself in a dilemma; embracing the future whilst trying to hold onto the tactile appeal of physical products.

If It Ain't Broke

Looking into examples where designers have taken the opportunity to re-design products for efficiency and aesthetics when others have just accepted them to be the way they are.

A Modernist Retreat

I reflect back on my trip to the Villa Savoye last year during a class trip to Paris.



Closing the Year

To end 2016 I look back over the projects from this semester; what new experiences I have had, what I’ve learned and how important documenting it through the blog has been.

Design as a Consumer

Analysing the purchase that I made last year from a designer’s perspective. I start to question the criteria which, at the time, I considered to be important.

The Overuse of Sustainable

Is the overuse of the word forcing us to lose sight of its true meaning? Is the word itself becoming a more powerful marketing tool than the actions it embodies?


Taking a Bite From The Apple

With the recent release of a few Apple products I wonder whether they have given more considerations to the user’s wants than the user’s needs.

The Edisonian Approach

After struggling to find the solution to a design problem, I look at how we as designers solve problems when there is no clear formula to apply.

Design That Facilitates

I look at the objects in my life which I hold the most value to and realise that their ability to facilitate is a trait that is often overlooked when valuing a product.


The Design Compromise

Whilst I try to realise an idea for this semesters project I have to come to terms with the fact that it is okay to allow an idea to be shaped by the available resources.

The Rise of Rose Gold

With the increasing number of products embodying the colour it becomes clear that its beauty is being abused to shorten the lives of products.


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