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Functional Tote


My first semester in 3rd year involved swapping product ideas with a fellow student to allow us to further refine and detail an existing idea.

The Social Colours project which can be found HERE on this website was my original idea, which I swapped with my classmate Tom Lever for his proposal - increasing the functionality of the tote bag. Tom’s early work on the idea and further detailing of my Social Colours project can be found here.

The packaged idea I received came with strong supporting research, a business proposal and the outline for a product - essentially improving the Gregg’s customer experience by adding discreet internal pockets to a re-usable bag.

I began by carrying out a review of the product in it’s current form.

I tested a rough prototype of the idea and immediately realised ergonomic issues with the product.


Focussing on the ergonomic considerations with the aim of making the bag so practical and easy to use that the user wouldn’t think of any alternative, I set about making refinements.

With a refined product I was able to find numerous ethical manufacturers of canvas bags, establish how the product would come together and outline costs for the proposal.

The Finished Product


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