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Red Blue Chair


Sketching Form

Before creating the model I sketched the chair from various angles to gain an appreciation of it’s form. Even through rough sketching I realised the visual simplicity of the rectilinear forms and how each member complemented it’s adjoining pieces.

Creating the model

The model began as strips of laser cut Clear Arcrylic with holes drilled for the pins.

The pieces were then painted and a thin copper rod was used to create the pins.

The chair was assembled into sections which again really demonstrated it’s simple construction.

The chair was then assembled with the seat and back sections added.

The Real Deal

On my trip to Amsterdam during the summer I went along to the Stedilijk Museum to check out it’s design exhibition. Unsurprisingly in the Netherlands a considerable proportion of the exhibition was dedicated to the De Stijl movement and it’s influences.

Possibly the most well known piece of the De Stijl movement is the “Neo-Plastic Painting” by Piet Mondriaan. It illustrates the focus of the movement as Mondriaan attempted to achieve a perfect harmony of shape and colour.

We see that the shapes are restricted to rectangular forms and the colours to the primary colours of red, yellow and blue as well as the “non colours” white, grey and black.

The exhibition also presented examples of Gerrit Reitveld’s architectural designs through models and paintings. We see how his architecture also draws inspiration from Piet Mondriaan’s painting with it’s use of rectilinear forms and colours.

The Red Blue Chair (a three dimensional Mondriaan)

It was a perfect end to this project; being able to see the full size version of my model and in the centre of Amsterdam surrounded by a multitude of De Stijl pieces.


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