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Project Part 1 : Local Park Re-design

We were originally set the task of creating a solution that would use council funding to make the park - local to Glasgow School of Art - more attractive and increase footfall.

Shown below are some images of the park in it’s original state.

Part 1 Solution

The solution that my group proposed was to re-brand the park as “Glasgow’s Night-time Garden”: by utilising colourful lighting and combining this with the park features to create a safe and attractive environment.

Project Part 2 : Product Design

For the second part of the project I decided to focus on the lighting that would be used in the park; as I felt it was the most important aspect of my team’s overall design.

I researched different areas concerned with methods of changing lighting colours.

It was decided that the best environmental factor to use was temperature.

I then focussed my research towards understanding how RGB LED’s were controlled.

The next stage was to speak to a lighting design professional who was able to advise me on aspects such as; required power output, luminosity and beam angle.

I then went about deciding how the lighting system would be cased. The light would be exposed to both the environment and users so would have to be made of resilient materials.

As many LED assemblies already exist I was able to use exisiting components for the majority of my design, apart from the internal casing which would have to hold a newly designed PCB.

*it was also specified in our brief that we should detail a custom component for manufacture.

With all the components confirmed, I then presented how the product would be assembled and gave an overview of it’s internal workings.

The Finished Product

The temperature sensitive element of the light fitting will allow it to monitor the ambient temperature of the park and alter the colour of the lighting accordingly -resulting in an ever changing atmosphere - which will hopefully create a sense of curiosity, encouraging the users to discover what colour the lights are.


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